Our New Years Eve Party in Costa Rica!

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New-Years-Eve.net knows you want to have fun this New Years Eve, so we are preparing something awesome. Drinks, music, lights... everything for a great New Years Eve party, no more no less than in one of the most fantastic hideaways of Central America and the Caribbean: Costa Rica.

Why is Costa Rica so fantastic? Because, despite being a quite small country, Costa Rica has plenty things to see. Nature here is beautiful, jaw dropping wild life, and people that are kind, laid-back and optimistic. Besides that, you will find that coming to Costa Rica for our New Years Eve Party will be much cheaper than, for example, going to a cruise for that same day. Instead of wasting your time facing some slot machines in a cruise casino, you will be enjoying the view of beautiful beaches, awesome Costa Rican mountains, and beautiful rain forests. Just don't forget to bring your camera.

That's not all! Are you a single man? Then you will love the idea of coming to our New Years Eve Party. We are inviting the most fantastic Tica singles to our New Years Eve party. Therefore, our New Years Eve tour to Costa Rica will start a few days before December the 31st. This way, we can organize two parties on the 28th and 29th so you can meet each other a little without any extra cost. You just need to be yourself during our events. You never know what will come up then. ¡Pura vida!

Enjoy Costa Rica New Year Eve with us!

Don't worry if you don't know how to speak Spanish. We have interpreters. Besides that, there is another advantage for going on our New Years Eve party tour. Both Canadian and American citizens do not need a visa to come to Costa Rica, so you just need to get your passport or renew it. You only need it with one free page and more than 30 days before the expiration day to get in. If you want to go to an English-speaking country anyway, then the Philippine tour is for you.

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Extra things you will like to know

• Water in Costa Rica is mainly safe to drink, just be careful about water in San José
• Sun can be very strong in Costa Rica, so if you have a sensitive skin, buy plenty of sunblock
• Using your credit card during your trip will ensure you won't be overpriced for the goods you are trying to buy, but not every place will accept a credit card
• Whoever said there is plenty of crime in Costa Rica lied, but don't show off your brand new digital camera while you walk either
• No, you don't need eight vaccines before coming here. Just the passport.


Our events are a great chance to meet new people. Click to check some photos.

You won't need a visa to come with us. Just check out your passport dates.

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