New Years Eve Cocktails

New years eve means one thing around the world: New Years Eve parties! This means get rid of the stress, enjoy yourselves, and have fun until dawn as the best way to welcome a new year 2008 in which everything is re-born, hope shines again... and we sleep until late afternoon. During a New Years Eve party, many things happen: people dance, people celebrate, and people get drunk... with the best New Years Eve cocktail recipes you can find around the world.

Best New Years Eve Cocktail Recipes

Kir royaleBlack velvetMargaritaLong Island iced teaPisco sour
Piña coladaAfter sexDaiquiriScrewdriverBlack Russian

How to beat a New Years Eve Party hangover

New Years Eve parties can sometimes end in a major headache. What can I say? Some folks and gals do not know how to drink New Years drinks too well or they just embrace the idea of drinking as few others would dare to do. If this is your case, my friend, then the suggestion is to take it easy. A hangover won't kill you, it will just hurt your head.

What you must know is that a New Years hangover is always due to the same thing: Dehydration. Your splitting head is your brain shouting "I am dry. Solve it now!" How to solve it? Drinking liquids and eating juicy fruits can help you get well sooner.

Just stay away from chili, salty food, or an unwanted pregnancy while you recover.


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