New years eve traditions

New years eve is celebrated in different ways around the world. There are even countries in which the new years eve is not celebrated on 31st December. New years eve traditions, therefore, can vary a lot between country and country...

In Latin America (do not forget to check our page about Costa Rica, one of our featured destinations for the New Years Eve party 2008) you will start your night eating a dinner of traditional meals. After that, you will make a "scarecrow" of cloth and papers, including some small fireworks and the notebooks of children's last school year. You will put it outside to light it up at midnight.

At midnight, you will likely eat 12 grapes, together with the first twelve bells of the new year. This, to summon positive things for the rest of the year. In some other countries, you will close an envelope with your wishes and then light it up to make them come true.

In other countries, you will eat a meal including lentils as a symbol of the money you want to earn or light a barrel to scare bad spirits.

More well known are seeing Englishmen getting together near Big Ben to hear its midnight bells or at Times Square to seeing the crystal ball fall down and turn the 2008 lights on in New York. But what about uncorking your bottle of champagne in the Champs-Élysées in Paris or going to the beach and jumping over 7 waves wearing just a white swimsuit in Brazil?

Yes, the world is full of surprises. Come back to this page to see what else have we found...


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