New Years Eve Resolutions

New Years Eve resolutions are not something to be overlooked. You have worked hard this 2007, you have reached certain goals in your life, but, accept it: you have undergone a lot of stress in the process. Perhaps these days you are overweight too and you will need to start eating right (especially if we take into account you're not 21 any more). Christmas and New Years Eve are times to take a look at ourselves... What are you going to do this year 2008?

A list of the most common New Years Eve Resolutions
in the United States

• Spend more time with your family, your friends and, in general, the ones you love.
• Hit the gym, eat healthier, get fit and quit smoking and drinking.
• Get organized and out of debts
• Free yourself of so many e-mail accounts and visit your friends more instead of using so much the instant messengers

They are nice, aren't they? Yet, what do you think about our New Years Resolutions proposals?

Our New Year Resolutions Proposals 2008

The 2008 is a leap year... and February 29th is Friday... So what about taking as the first 2008 New Years Eve Resolution going a big party or event for your friends and the love of your life?

No love of your life yet? Well then let's make that your New Years Eve Resolution number two (unless you are 16 years old). Now that on-line dating is considered safer than ever, maybe you will want to try these sites out for a start: LoveMe, ForeignLadies, ForeignWomen, MatchUSA.

New years eve resolution number three... Your yearly dose of Zen requires you to leave the USA to go somewhere else. Spending your New Years Eve in Costa Rica or the Philippines with us could be a great way to start.

The fourth suggestion for a good New Year Eve Resolution for 2008: Enjoy your life more (responsibly, of course). Take the fine porcelain out of the box and use it, if you get my metaphor. Learn how to dance salsa and other Latin dances (err... in our Costa Rica New Year Eve party, for example?) or if you want the no translator required tour, head to the Philippines, our option number two!


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